The Jester of Performance: A Conversation with Caz Egelie

Caz Egelie is featured in Open Space’s exhibition Forum: Bread and Games at the Ugly Duck in Bermondsey. The Dutch artist transcends the boundaries between viewer and space through his performance, video, sculpture, and animation. I had a conversation with the artist on his upcoming performance this Saturday, February 29th from 5-6pm. This will be the artist’s first performance in London.

Progress photo from Call Me Hank Herron (2017)

SOPHIA BOOSALIS: Tell me about your visual practice and some background about you?

CAZ EGELIE: I first went to college for art education and afterwards, I did a second bachelor’s in fine art at HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. I specialised in sculpture and performance, but I did a lot of video and two-dimensional work.

SOPHIA: Your artistic practice of performance often incorporates media like animation and sculpture. Can you tell me about your process of creating a work?

CAZ: My work is often a reflection on gallery and museum spaces, as well as art history in general. I often consider the way things are exhibited in a gallery, and the notion of