The Little Ways You Can be More Sustainable this Christmas

It’s December, and ngl, it’s really exciting. The festive season is one of the best: full of family, food, and festive cheer. Whilst we all want to enjoy ourselves, as we should, there are little things we can do to keep our sustainability levels up and enjoy Christmas in a more consciously minded way. Here are my top tips for a more sustainable Christmas-- give ‘em a try. You never know-- you might really enjoy them.

1. Shop for food locally

Importing specialist or exotic foods, luxurious and yummy as they can be, is one of the biggest causes of an increased carbon footprint during the holiday season, due to how far they have to travel to grace our plates. Why not opt for seasonal fruit and veg, especially those which have been grown in the luscious UK countryside? Check labels in supermarkets and see what you can find. Just try and remember- shop locally, eat seasonally. And away we go!

2. Use public transport

Public transport is your best friend. Christmas is always made by the people we spend it with, but of course, oftentimes, that means travelling up to see friends and family. Sure, driving has its perks: big boot, service stations... but think about it: if more people got the train over the holidays, how much cleaner would our air be?

3. Buy second-hand presents

Second-hand presents are a great option. Yes, of course, charity shops are super easy options, but there are also beautiful items you can find from shops such as Reformation, Reclaimed Vintage, and of course, Depop. It has some real gems. Equally, buying someone something you know they will cherish for a long time is just as good. Yes, a more expensive bag is never as tempting to add to your basket, but if it’s something the person will end up cherishing for a long time, why not? Love not landfills- another easy one to remember.