Zoom in Zoe's Lockdown

Ever wondered what four French citizens and a dog stranded in the Parisian suburbs looked like? Take a look at ten of the wild things I’ve been doing to get a taster...

1. Snooze, doze, slumber, shut-eye, pretend-to-meditate-in-horizontal-position, S.L.E.E.P and find out what this means to me (a lot)

In non-viral times, I nap almost every day. This is, to me, a bit of a world championship for a highly skilled competitor if you will. My bed also happens to be a forest-like alcove, ideal for pretending to be royalty dreaming of their next soufflé buffet.

2. Move my body

My frequent reclining sessions tend to pump me to actually do something with myself when I’m out of bed. Lately, I have been working out and frantically dancing to a playlist from 2014 called “dance party hits!” a lot. Sue me.