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Untitled (Mirfield Moors)

Artwork of the Month | June

I took this photo of my mum pretty early on into lockdown. I came back to my native town of Huddersfield just before it started, and I’ve been up here ever since. With the conversations going on around race and the pandemic, I’m feeling stressed, scared, angry, fed up and sick of it. I think as a Black person right now it’s important to take some time out from the constant pain of this constant conversation, before the  conversation burns you out and eats you alive. The conversation can only do so much. It’s exciting to see real change happen before my eyes, but I fear what will happen when its no longer en vogue and I’m still just standing here. These are strange, exciting and tragic times, I’m plugged into the never-ending discourse 24/7. But sometimes I just have to sit down and close my eyes, feel the grass and try again tomorrow.


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