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by Lissie Mackintosh

31st December 2019

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7th January 2020

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11th December 2019

Allow me to ‘blogger' this up a bit and put my cynicism on hold for a second: London spoils an audiophile. Regardless of whether one likes feminist shibari industrial-inspired electropop (my best bootleg description of Brooke Candy’s performance last year), or sage-burning post-techno ambient experimental featuring surreal Yves Tumor spoken word samples (Croatian Amor’s showcase in the first quarter of 2019), or good old-fashioned masked-collective metal-grinding chain-whipping noise (Geography of Hell at The Glove That Fits in Hackney just a couple of weeks ago), this city’s lost rivers and gentrified council flat walkways light the way.


7th January 2020


21st January 2020

Elisa DeWyngaert is a fashion curator at MoMu, the fashion museum of Antwerp, and a graduate of the Courtauld’s Documenting Fashion MA. I spoke to her about her path into the industry and the ways she approaches her subject. 

Gary Numan and Sunn O))) at the Roundhouse