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by Aniela Rybak

22nd October 2019

Max Porter's


by Ellie Perry

21st October 2019

Not far from London, in an unnamed sleepy English village, Max Porter invites us to step into his dark green folk tale about a boy and an ancient tree. The titular character of this novel is ‘Lanny’ a young and imaginative, green-eyed boy...


by Ellie Perry

5th November 2019


by Ellie Perry

21st October 2019

Warning, this is one for the sentimental. For the people who love Nora Ephron, Love Actually and the Metro’s ‘Rush Hour Crush’ column. Modern Love is a new Amazon Prime series...


zoe illustration_edited.jpg

1st November 2019

As life itself does, it started with the body. The physical move from a warm and casually familiar place to a much colder one filled with grey indiscernible shapes and a lot of confusion - of which a few recognizable voices were trying to appease. My cosy nest had been carefully constructed over nine consecutive years under the bright sun and heavy tropical rains of Hong Kong Island...

For anybody vaguely aware of music as a phenomenon during the last 25 years or so, Björk doesn’t need an introduction. Instead, I’d like to reproduce a comment made in an interview with Rolling Stone by one of her closest collaborators in recent years, Arca (Alejandra Ghersi if you're nasty): "When I met Björk, (...) it was like an oxygen you get from a person you only can exist with symbiotically. It's one of the most beautiful relationships I've had." 'Symbiotically is key, since Björk's career has been defined by the intersection of self-expression and collaboration...


23rd October 2019

The month of October has been one of protest. Dissatisfied with the English government's response to climate change, swathes of people flooded Trafalgar Square for a fortnight of organised anarchy. A temporary camp was set up and banners bearing the now infamous extinction rebellion symbol flew high above the heads of Landseer's lions...