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Illustration by Tennessee Williams

Urban Dictionary infamously defines a Courtauldian as: 'One who attends the Courtauld Insitute of Art, London. Typically have significant psychological problems and a propensity to drink excessive amounts of gin'. It is this special relationship between Courtauldians and gin that prompted Evy Caudwell-French (BA3) to create the vibrant official society for the appreciation of gin. The first year of events were varied, with outings to classy bars like Graphic Bar, al fresco gin drinking on Hampstead Heath and even a 'Mexican tequila takeover' evening where we ventured into the forays of tequila for one night only. Additionally, Gin Soc has collaborated with other societies for events, including the Composite Order and Jew Soc. As the new President, I hope this year will be filled with a similar motley of events. A plan for the Gin Soc's first trip to a distillery is in the works, as well as more casual affairs like evenings at Spoons, because we acknowledge that we are all students, and a double G&T there is only £3.50!

I will leave you with this poem that Gus Teasdale (BA2) penned for our society: ‘Not a word of a lime, Gin Soc is the tonic to all your ills - It's juni-perfect'.

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