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Horoscope predictions - December 2023

By Alexis Nanavaty and ‘The Guides’

Hilma af Klint (Oct. 1862- Oct. 1944), a Swedish artist and medium, communicated with other dimensional beings called the ‘High Masters’ to create her engaging and powerful paintings. Throughout her life, she experimented with this spiritual connection, creating a visual vocabulary of symbols channeled into her art by this higher power. She spent much of her time studying the world around her in a search of ‘oneness,’ propelled by her desire to obtain a greater understanding of nature and daily life. Before her death, she stipulated to her heirs that her work had to remain out of the public eye for 20 years until it could be properly understood. Her paintings represent the process of understanding individual life purpose through spirituality; a notion that could offer contemplation for the modern viewer.

Perhaps the painting below might offer a space for meditative practice in your own life and a new lens from which to view the world around you.

Serie V, nr 5, Hilma af Klint, 1920, oil on canvas, 39 x 28 cm, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, From: Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige.

A quick guide to reading your predictions:

Read for your sun sign (the sign of when you were born) or your rising (for overarching themes and guidance) for the month, or both! Each can offer insight into different aspects of your life.

Sagittarius Season:

Hi Sagittarius! Happy Birthday!

December is an exciting month where the spotlight will be on you. Everything is now effortlessly falling into place and your words will have an even greater impact in crafting the excitement of your daily life. You see yourself inspiring others through your creative ideas and passion. In the days leading up to your birthday, you will experience the end of cycles and patterns that have been very prevalent in your life. These shifts will appear in friendships, offering new opportunities to set boundaries and find greater clarity on how your immediate future and the broader five-year plan will look. Your mindset also pivots this month as you begin to focus on long-term projects and how they can align with your desires and your expanding worldview. Your birthday month, therefore, marks the beginning of an exciting three-month journey of transformation and self-expression. December brings clarity around career/work/studies, motivation that keeps you focused on the task at hand, and a great flow into your life.

Nov. 22-27: If your birthday is this week, you have the momentum of the Sagittarius season propelling you forward. You will feel very self-assured in all situations. Expect relaxing celebrations and maybe even a spa day! There will also be a new perspective acquired on aging that helps you embrace the process of life.

Nov. 28- Dec. 3: If your birthday is this week, you can expect greater clarity surrounding questions about the ‘future’ and the ‘self.’ Expect a birthday filled with great banter and deep conversations.

Dec. 4-11: If your birthday is this week, you can expect to be celebrating with a mix of new and old friends. You will be catching up with ‘old lives’ you have lived and, while doing so, will gain the necessary knowledge to move forward with great motivation into the new year.

Dec. 12-18: If your birthday is this week, you can expect that deadline to pass with ease and that you will move forward with newfound clarity. Do not feel discouraged if you want to pivot your line of inquiry midway through the process of meeting this deadline—it is better for you to feel confident in the work you produce!

Dec. 19-21: If your birthday is this week, get ready to speak your truth! There will be new experiences for you to decide your own opinion and stand behind it.

Some artists who have the same birthday month…

Perhaps they will offer you inspiration as you reflect on your goals for this coming year.

- Georges Seurat Dec. 2, Nicole Amati Dec. 3, Gian Lorenzo Bernini Dec. 7, Masaccio Dec. 21


Hi Capricorn! How are you feeling now that it is only a month before your birthday? In December, you are feeling great excitement about accomplishing a particular task or project. Therefore, you will be deeply immersed in this work and find great determination and motivation to reach a milestone, while making great breakthroughs along the way. On the sidelines, things are falling seamlessly into place, and you see all tasks surrounding this project becoming clearer and clearer. The ending of this chapter will reach its full potential at the end of January, coinciding nicely with your birthday month and all the wonderful gifts this time will bring. As you have already been thinking about how you want the new year to look for you, you can now shift your focus into making those dreams a reality. Through the course of 2023, you have acquired all the tools necessary to succeed in 2024. Welcome to your lucky streak!


Hi Aquarius! You are looking forward to what projects you might want to work on next, some of which will begin in December and whose positive and successful outcomes will last well into the new year. The next steps will appear in an unexpected way and lead you to discovering new interests. This opportunity will help you align with your inspiration and creative mind as your life continues to shift into new possibilities and experiences in 2024. In your social life, you can expect to spend time with new friend groups and will experience a blossoming of your social circles this month. Your life will encourage new knowledge and enlightenment that is supported by the fun you will have this month and the new experiences that begin molding your future.


Hi Pisces! This month will have you feeling very hopeful as a magical energy of positivity guides you into the new year. Some amazing opportunities that you had not expected will be coming in for you coupled with an incredible showering of praise and recognition. You will see yourself reaching new heights and achieving your dreams. These opportunities may bring in a new sum of money and a ‘wealth of knowledge’ that will help you more clearly articulate your desires to the world. There will be an effortless focus and motivation to improve your ‘craft,’ and your writing skills while also having moments for rest, reflection, and time with the family—enjoying the beautiful abundance that has come your way! This month, there will be an emphasis on building long-lasting relationships and cultivating joy. In order to prepare, it will be helpful to take some rest and focus on finishing any last-minute tasks.


Hi Aries! You are ready and motivated to take on new challenges and ‘get back to work.’ Over the last few months, your personal goals have been secondary to some life events that have taken your primary focus. As you begin to emerge and integrate back into your social circles, you will be feeling more self-assured. This is a time to step into your gratitude and reflect on your many achievements in 2023 that will serve to reconnect you with your joy and purpose in this life. With this renewed vigor, you see yourself soaring to new heights in December, that continue to develop in the new year. Simultaneously, you are trying new hobbies, and, in your social circles, you will notice your strong communication skills. At work, you are able to articulate yourself in clearly understandable and effective ways.


Hi Taurus! This month will offer you time to place the focus back onto you. You will have the necessary time to reflect and refresh while deciding how you want to feel about the past semester. There will also be a lessening of responsibilities to support prioritising yourself. You can expect to see new sides to your friends, especially vulnerable ones, that allow you to connect with them in different ways. At the same time, you will be feeling much more comfortable in social situations, a mood shift that carries into the new year. To support this newfound balance, be sure to set aside time for integration and rest for the body —yoga—or for the soul—meditation. Adding new practices to center yourself or taking more time for rest in your daily life will align your priorities and perspective on the world to how your personality is changing.


Hi Gemini! In December, you will be accomplishing many of your goals, both short term and lifelong, aligning you with your ambitions and inspiring your motivation to continue finding new opportunities. This will be a wonderful period of growth, especially if you can find the inner strength to move beyond any conflict that may arise. You can expect new opportunities to find you, a positive shift in perspective, and experiences that show you what your future will feel like. This month your relationships, both professional and personal, will unveil inner strength and communication skills that you did not know you possessed.


Hi Cancer! December will bring in a lot of emotional clearing for you as you reflect on the past year. You will also have the time and space to process the great changes in your life brought about in 2023. This month will remind you to trust that support is around you and you do not have to handle everything on your own. Now is the time for a change in your perspective on life and allow yourself the space to heal and process for 2024. Next year brings you back, with full force, into your social circles and helps you discover more about yourself. A helpful task in preparation for 2024 will be to articulate any desires you have for this coming year. How do you want to see yourself at the end of these 12 months? How has what you have accomplished exceeded your expectations for 2023? Writing down any positive aspects from this year will help you align with the positive momentum of your achievements, setting them as the foundation for your next chapter. In December, you can expect balance between family and friendships and a relaxing period of rest that provides you space to catch up on any missed deadlines or looming work that needs to be finished.


Hi Leo! You have an idea that is starting to come together beautifully. At this point, you may be wondering about the next steps, or how you can get from point A to point B efficiently. You are meant to follow the journey and have many moments of discovery that manifest in your observations of those around you and how you can support them. By February of 2024, you will be at the top of your game and will finally receive recognition for the work you have put into making your ideas a reality! Your December may feel busy, and you are feeling ‘spread thin’ but all the hard work will be worth it. In order to support alignment with your dreams, spend this month focusing on your passions as a driving motivator. This month you can also expect to be the support system for many of your friends and will feel very social. In work, career, or business, expect smooth communication, important conversations, and a specific shift in the path of life that is for your best good.


Hi Virgo! It is time for a well-deserved deep breath. You are holding everything very close to your chest, both ideas and secrets. It is time to lean on others for support and trust that collaboration and confiding in others can offer you many more opportunities for growth. At the same time, you will expand your boundaries, and call in many new experiences that result from you connecting with others. There is no need to fear any of what is coming your way, you are exactly where you need to be. This month, you will learn much more about your inner strength, confidence, and find greater balance in your friendships.


Hi Libra! You are working to articulate something and find your path. Are you feeling overwhelmed, Libra? This is a reminder to take a deep breath and trust that you are capable of accomplishing all responsibilities on your plate. In December, through the new projects you have acquired, you have many opportunities to learn more about yourself as a leader and motivator for others. The end of this month brings in greater rest and relaxation that will help you organise your thoughts and time more efficiently, adding to the ‘toolkit’ of life experiences. You will emerge with reinvigorated passion, motivation, and joy for what you can accomplish, unlocking a hidden strength you had not noticed existed. This newfound momentum will support discovery of your path in 2024. You will expand your social networks, often by accompanying friends to events with new people. In work/career/life, these expanding networking opportunities are wonderful for your self-esteem and help you clarify those things in your life of which you are feeling unsure. Suffice it to say, lean in and see what you can learn! There is always creative excitement in the unknown.


Hi Scorpio! In December, you will be given many opportunities to trust your decision-making skills and support your emotional wellbeing. It appears that everyone around you is working, and you now have the space and the silence to turn inwards and listen to your inner guidance system.

What are you learning that you need? What platform are you wanting to create that propels you forward into achieving your desires? Your voice is powerful this month, so finding balance with your inner self will be important in clearly articulating yourself within the world. In work/career/studies you can expect to see your dreams becoming daily life, finding the exact path you are meant to be exploring. There is also an emphasis on organising your finances, budgets and ‘allocating new funds.’ An added bonus: you find new ways to relate to those around you and find more balance in your friendships that supports you more clearly communicating your emotional state to friends and family!

Some reflections:

These predictions have been a wonderful reminder to step into the unknown with a great sense of abundance and a heart full of wonder. Everything will fall exactly into place. We look forward to watching you all flourish.

That’s all for now, see you next month.

-Lexi and ‘The Guides’


A few explanatory notes from the author-

*These predictions are based on channeled guidance from Lexi’s guidance system, ‘The Guides,’ with certain astrological considerations

*Channeling is a practice wherein guidance is received and automatically transferred to the page and, therefore, not based explicitly on astrological charts. As Lexi is intuitive, she has access to a range of guidance systems and divine knowledge for you.

*Intended primarily for entertainment purposes.


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