My week with ORLAN

Image: ORLAN (right), Author's own photograph

ORLAN was recently in London, and myself and Clara Krzentowski were assigned to look after her for the week. ORLAN (she writes everything in capitals, even texts) is a feminist body and perfor-mance artist most widely known for her surgery performance art, in which she had various cos-metic surgery operations to disrupt the ideas and ideals of beauty.

We picked her up from the Eurostar terminal, completely recognisable with her half white, half black hair and glitter-clad temple implants. She is in London for press conferences and the opening of the new blockbuster exhibition Botticelli Reimagined at the V&A, as well as meeting Chicks on Speed to write material for their collaborative record and tour. While she is in London, ORLAN wants to visit the best galleries and exhibitions on the scene - she is incredibly interested in keep-ing up with contemporary practice and display. “I only want to see contemporary and new”, in-sistent on finding the most on-trend galleries in Mayfair. She particularly enjoyed the Neoliberal Lulz exhibition at Carroll/Fletcher, exhibiting Jennifer Lyn Morone and the french duo Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion. She is excited by the use of subversive tactics, concepts of