For Those Who Don't Believe in Bisexuality

Bisexual Flag

Every day bisexual people face resistance towards the notion of their own sexual orientation. Not only do they struggle with homophobia and hostility towards the LGBTQ community, but they must also deal with what is known as bisexual erasure. Bisexual erasure otherwise known as bisexual invisibility is the tendency for non-bisexual identifying people to remove or ignore any evidence of bisexuality throughout history, in modern media and even in daily life. Bisexual erasure can often get to the point where the existence of bisexual people is forcefully denied. Imagine, a young girl who has struggled with her sexuality finally becomes comfortable identifying as bisexual just to be told that she can’t identify that way, because bisexuality doesn’t exist. She is told that it is just a stepping-stone to coming out as gay or is simply a means for attention seekers to get their fix. However she doesn’t fit either of these assumptions and so is left to question her own identity once more.