Current Affairs: 10.10

Basquiat: Boom for Real

The Barbican Art Gallery’s Basquiat exhibition, Boom for Real, showcases a number of the great works by the late 20th century icon Jean-Michel Basquiat. The exhibition, curated by Dr Dieter Buchhart and Eleanor Nairne, examines the young artist’s unique and all-too-short career, from his beginnings as Soho’s most exciting young graffiti artist to the height of his fame in the late 80s. For many, Basquiat is more than just an artist – he’s regarded as a ground-breaking cultural icon. Therefore, it was imperative that the curators of the exhibition acknowledged not only his artwork, but his position as a symbol of 80s New York. The exhibition is said to succeed in including enough context to place Basquiat within the wider cultural context of the 80s New York art scene without taking the audience’s attention away from the work!

Dates: 21st September – 28th January 2018

Location: Barbican Art Gallery, Silk Street, London