Skate at Somerset House

You may have noticed: there is an ice rink in our backyard. Skate at Somerset House with Fortnum & Mason is back with a bang … as we crash, letting confidence speed our skates a little too much. Two of your editorial team have sacrificed their dignity (with joy) to experience the world-famous ice-skating extravaganza and tell you all about it.

Having witnessed the construction of this rink while walking to lectures over the past few weeks, there was excitement in the air as we knew today we would actually be going on the ice. Disclaimer: we are both self-confessed terrible ice skaters, so were also feeling a little apprehensive. At the foot of the very-Fortnum & Mason-branded Christmas tree, we picked up our wristbands, granting us entry to the rink. The skate-fitting tent is scattered with benches where you can sit to lace up after swapping your shoes for skates, all a very efficient process in our experience.