Impressionists in London

Claude Monet, Leicester Square, 1901. Oil paint on canvas, 805 x 648 mm. Fondation Jean et Suzanne Planque (in deposit at Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence) Photo: © Luc Chesse

Tate Britain’s new exhibition seems to provide the Impressionist’s vision of gloomy London. With the exhibition’s subtitle being ‘French artists in exile 1870 – 1904’, the exhibition goes on to explore different aspects of French artists in London, at different time periods and for different reasons.

After an introduction, the exhibition shows how specific artists, who might rather not be associated with Impressionism, developed in their new environment. This is followed by thematic approaches, which are ‘Sports, Parks and Crowds’ and ‘Fogs, the Thames and Westminster’. The fascinations of these French artists are evident, for example, Pissarro’s illumination of a rainy day in an illuminated green park. Whistler highlights the nostalgi