Marine Tanguy Interview

Illustration by Jemima Hooke

Following Marine Tanguy’s talk last month in collaboration with the Business of Art Society, we have asked her a few questions about how her company, MTArt, relates to our ever evolving world. Following the birth of the internet—what society believed was the start of new connectivity, equality, and technological advances to improve our lives—we are beginning to realise that these expansions are not always informing our development, but hindering it. While half the world’s population are benefiting from this increased connectivity, the other half is not. What are the repercussions of technological globalisation and how is it affecting the art world from artists to art dealers? Tanguy clarifies MTArt’s role as an artist agency in this evolution and gives us valuable insight into how we, the prevailing generation, should be getting involved in forwarding Art History into the next era.

1. What is MTArt, why did you start this company, and what are you hoping to achieve?

MTArt is the first artist agency in the world, we support and invest in a group of up and coming artists. Our mot