Patriotism:  Britain’s Blind Spot.

Illustration by Anna Seibæk Torp-Pedersen

The recent engagement between HRH Harry and Meghan is a funny one, marking the beginning of a royal union but the ending of a Markle-sparkle-ing career.

Meghan Markle isn’t the first and most certainly won’t be the last: a woman whose engagement signals the end of her professional career, and the beginning of her marital life. Grace Kelly did it, a prolific actress who wedded a royal, only to end her acting career to meet the demands of her new marital life. Diana, previously a teacher, gave up her job in preparation for her royal engagement to Prince Charles. Hillary Clinton, wife to Bill Clinton, joined the clan, postponing her political career to undergo her duties as first lady.

Making a point about a woman giving up her career to marry the man she loves is one thing, but making one about an outspoken advocate for women’s rights