Current Affairs 5.03

Between the 8th and 11th of March, at Battersea Evolution, the Affordable Art Fair will be bringing talks, tours and workshops, as well as an opportunity to find reasonably priced art in a fun and relaxed environment. Over 100 galleries will be showcasing their work, with thousands of pieces on display for you to peruse.

“We're back in beautiful Battersea Park to bring you an array of affordable, contemporary art for you to peruse to your heart’s content.” AAF

Picasso's electrician was convicted of stealing his art - but now the proof is seen as insufficient proof. A re-trial is being held to “finally establish the truth." The work thought to be stolen is worth between $74 million and $98 million, and includes six oils on canvas, nine rare cubist collages, 28 lithographs, and sketchbooks dating between 1900 and 1932, which were stashed in the couples’ home. Their story of how the works were acquired is constantly changing. The re-trial will be heard by the Lyon Court of Appeal.

Lomaka Gallery is pleased to present 'Pink Magic', showcasing the work by Russian-British artist Olga Lomaka. This exhibition shows the interplay of three-dimensional space, a touch of infantilism and a contrasting colour which correspond to the best traditions of Pop Aart. It opens on Thursday, 8th March at 11 am.

Thanks to the support of many successful artists, including prominent YBAs, Goldsmiths is set to open a new art gallery! Goldsmiths, in South London, is revered for nurturing young and exceptionally creative talent and their commitment to supporting more ‘out there’ artists has certainly paid off. Successful Alumni, including Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucus and Anthony Gormley, have been amongst those to donate to the project, raising a staggering $2 million – nearly half of the $5.5 million required to complete the project – through auction.

The project is set to come into fruition in September 2018 under the leadership of Sarah McCroy, formerly head of the Glasgow International. The Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art’s first exhibition will be by New York-based artist Mika Rottenberg. We wish them the best of luck!