Brexagedon: “The Revolution is Eating its Children”

On Thursday this week, a senior Conservative Party source told the BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, that “the revolution is eating its children.” And with that summed up some of the most dramatic days in British politics so far this year. To get to the root of this we must go back to the beginning of the week when rumours spread through Westminster that the interminable charade of the Brexit negotiation may have been about to reach a conclusion. This was indeed the case, as late on Tuesday, Downing Street announced a draft agreement (over 500 pages of the bloody thing), had been agreed by both teams of negotiators.

It did not take long for staunch leavers, such as everyone’s favourite Dickensian character Jacob Rees-Mogg, to decry this agreement as being a betrayal of the deluded utopian ideals of Brexit. It was amongst this hail of criticism that Theresa May faced the Commons for Prime Minister’s Questions where she was met by yet another tidal wave of abuse, with only 7 MPs of a possible 650 offering public support for her deal. This is bad news for May as she has promised to allow parliament a vote on the final deal and in its current state, there’s about as much chance of it passing as there is of Trump joining Greenpeace.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell