Don’t Panic! Who do you think you are kidding Mr Rees-Mogg?

Firstly, let me take up where I left off last week. You may remember that last Friday it appeared that Mrs May was about to be toppled by members of her own party, with pantomime villain Jacob Rees-Mogg as ringleader. Well by the early stages of this week it became clear that Moggy’s little coup had failed – he cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war only to fall well short of the 48 MPs’ letters needed to bring about a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. How deflating! Rees-Mogg claims to have no aspiration towards Downing Street himself, but I for one think he would have had a good chance – in the general election of 1900, perhaps.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell

On Wednesday Mogg called a press con