A Brexmas Miracle, but May’s on Thin Ice

We begin this week’s Christmassy edition with an extract of the Gospel according to Morgan:

And lo, Theresa went unto Brussels, and there was given unto her a deal. But returning to Westminster she found that there was no room for her deal in Parliament. Indeed, there could be found no one willing to take her and her deal in, such that even a (strong and stable) stable would suffice. Then, in the bleak mid-winter, many not-so-wise men saw that Theresa was making the Party look a little donkey and plotted to slay her leadership. But by the grace of 200 votes she was redeemed. Verily a miracle!”

Yes, that’s right, everyone’s favourite pantomime returned with vengeance this week as we nearly saw the PM ousted over her handling of Brexit. As mentioned last week, Mrs May looked set to lose the vote on her Brexit deal scheduled for Tuesday by quite a hefty margin. After a weekend of everybody telling her this, on Monday she cancelled the vote, promising to reschedule it in the new year. The PM was now on very thin ice indeed, with Parliament breathing heavily down her neck either to let them vote (as parliaments do) or to renegotiate with the EU. By Tuesday evening it was becoming clear that some of the angriest were many of her own MPs, with many claiming to have submitted letters of no confidence in her leadership.