Through the Looking Glass – Brexit Madness

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” says the White Queen in Lewis Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass, but they might as well have been the words of Prime Minister May on Tuesday morning as she prepared to bring the Brexit deal she negotiated with the EU before Parliament. Originally scheduled for mid-December the vote was postponed when it became apparent that the PM would lose - if anything, feelings towards her deal have only soured further since then. So, by the time Tuesday came around it was clear this deal was dead, but regardless the PM ploughed senselessly on in the deluded belief that she could pass it.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell

The result was the biggest government defeat in British political history. 432 MPs voted to reject the deal, compared to a pitiful 202 in support. Many Conservative MPs voted against their leadership and in a shocking show of cooperation in these dark times, these came from both remain and leave, hard and soft Brexit camps. The result should have proved a jolt to bring May back to reality but amazing she appears to remain in Wonderland. Under any other circumstances, such a display of contempt from the government would result in the resignation of the PM, but cockroach May limps on.