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Cosmically Curated: January Art 'Scopes

A New Year, a New You? For some of us, the pressure to transform in January is unappealing or overwhelming. Astrologically speaking, we may not have a choice. Two eclipses happening this month will see most signs unsettled and making huge shifts, but the passing dark will yield to light. Open yourself to potential changes, including those that you haven’t laid out in resolutions. Below is an art scope to help you cope.


Your superiors at work and home may encounter personal drama and crises. To dodge any stress that might be taken out on you, see through their eyes and meet them with compassion. The Cane​, a drama playing at The Royal Court Theatre on 26 January, tells the story of a school’s seemingly beloved teacher retiring after 50 years, only to realize that he’s made some enemies who are out to destroy his hard-earned reputation.


Anything you use for transportation and communication, or that keeps you mobile, is susceptible to breakdowns this month. Try and see a bunch of art in one place. The London Art Fair runs from 16 - 20 January and is sure to overwhelm, maybe disillusion, even the most eager and artsy Taurus.


Nothing is louder than a Gemini going through an existential crisis, yet that is exactly what the stars may lead you to in the coming weeks. Try and drone out your chatterbox mouth and mind at ​Congregation​, a sensory overload performance by Jockel Liess and DJ Ann Bailey at the ICA on 18 January.


Last month was a good earning period for you, now you need to take the next step and figure out how to put money to righteous power. Jennifer Ellis, a trailblazer in collective arts funding, speaks at The Courtauld Business of Art Society on 29 January.


With a character as loud and outgoing as yours, you need to make sure that what is on the outside talks as big a game as your ego. Since this month is about changing up your self-image, why not start with your style? Strut yourself over to the V&A for ​Fashioned From Nature​ (through 27 January) and then sack some New Year sales.


Spiritual paths make switchbacks and yours is rounding a big one. Go deeper at Christopher Marlowe’s ​Doctor Faustus​, showing through 2 February at The Globe, and ponder the value of your tortured soul.


Your sign is about balance, but it’s time to take it easy. The eclipses are stressing you OUT this month. Remember back to when things weren’t so complicated at the V&A Museum of Childhood’s exhibition featuring toy like objects, ​Dream On​, through 20 January.


Despite your notorious intensity and capacity to sting, it is good for you to team up at school or work this month, Scorpio. Make sure to check out ​Mantegna and Bellini ​before it closes at the National Gallery on 27 January. If the Venetian rivals and brothers-in-law could make it work, so can you.


For you, this month is all about shake ups in education, if you’re doing medieval should you really be focusing on modern (et cetera)? Take a cue from Tracey Emin, a contemporary artist with a history of curating her own work around historical masters, who will be giving at talk about the ​Klimt/Schiele​ exhibition at the Royal Academy on 29 January.


Time to get real and less materialistic now that the holidays, and your birthday season, has passed. That can be hard for a student of material culture, so take a chance on some heady airwaves to balance out your object driven research. Odesza plays at O2 Academy Brixton on 24 January.


There will be tests in your love life, so grab your current interest and go see ​Joana Escoval’s The Sun Lovers​ at Tenderpixel Gallery, opening 15 January at 7pm and continuing through 16 February. Escoval engages with a North American myth in which creatures who fell in love with the sun, followed him until they tired, and died in pursuit. If your lover seeks you like the sun, then surely your bond can last through an eclipse.


Always drifting on a counter current, you have the smoothest sailing this month. That’s rare for a sensitive Pisces! Take the opportunity to liven up your leisure and unleash your inner dreamy side at a ‘Drink and Draw.’ The Grapevine in Shoreditch hosts one 26 January.

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