A Union in a State and Tusk’s Inferno

This week saw President Trump, the unhappy love child of a month-old satsuma and a poorly fitted suit, deliver his third State of the Union address to Congress. At the beginning of every year the sitting President is invited to address a joint session of congress to lay out his intended legislative agenda for the year ahead, although in reality it is mostly used for political posturing and Trump is never one to miss out on a chance to posture. It normally takes place in late January but had to be pushed back into February this year under the direction of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and Democrat, whose role it is to invite the President to speak. This, of course, infuriated Trump no end but Pelosi had a good enough reason as the government was still in shutdown under the direction of Trump himself and therefore Congress could not pay for the appropriate security staff to host the President. Checkmate Mr President.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell

With the business of government resumed, Trump was able to deliver his speech on Tuesday night and it was filled with the usual jargon. Encouragement for Democrats and Republicans to work together to resolve his Mexican wall mess, a run down of his ‘greatest hits’ so far with a focus on the booming American economy (all heavily laden with the subtext of his impending re-election campaign), and then the dreaded foreign policy section that reminds us all that he really does hold the nuclear codes in his pocket. Trump appeared optimistic about the upcoming second summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un but warned Russia that unless an agreement could be reached on the Cold War era arms treaty that Putin pulled out of last week, then the US would "outspend and out-innovate" all others when it comes to nuclear weapons - I hope you’re all sleeping well at night.