Es Tu Cohen? – Trump Wounded but is it Fatal?

This week was a busy one for the Fat Controller of the United States, Donald Trump. He was off to Hanoi in Vietnam for the long-awaited ‘Part 2’ of his initial summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. The summit was meant to last several days and was to focus around the continued denuclearisation of North Korea and America’s assistance in it opening its economy to the West. Trump spent the days leading up to the meeting lavishing compliments on Kim, describing him as "sharp as you can be" and "a real leader”, going on to add, "He's a character. He's a real personality. He's very smart." This barrage of sycophantic language was beginning to make this important summit sound like a romantic city-break for two and so it came as no surprise when it was announced that the two star-crossed leaders would meet before the official start of the summit for dinner in a downtown hotel.

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell

However, there was trouble in paradise for our happy couple: no sooner had they finished their desserts, the rest of the summit meetings were called off and both leaders were heading for home. So, what happened? By all accounts, it came down to a fundamental disagreement that prevented any further discussion. Kim made clear that North Korea had made good progress with dismantling its nuclear program but insisted that any further progress would be dependent on the US removing all its economic sanctions on his country – sanctions that are supposedly crippling its economy, although Kim seems to need no help in doing that himself. Trump refused to give ground of the sanctions until more progress was made with the denuclearisatio