A Clear Path Through the Brexit Fog?

I’m sorry everyone, but this week it really is unavoidable, I’m going to have to mention the B-word. The fog of Brexit is obscuring all other news but it’s best to acknowledge it. Turns out that sitting with your eyes closed, wishing very, very hard for it to go away doesn’t work – as Theresa May has discovered. Set up for this coming week are three important votes that will decide the future of the UK’s position in relation to our EU neighbours, so here’s what to expect…

Illustration by Rhiannon Powell

On the 12th there will be another ‘meaningful’ vote in the Commons on May’s deal. I know there have been meaningful votes before on the deal, but they meant nothing, this one, this time, is the one. For sure…maybe. The idea was that after the monumental defeat the deal suffered in its first vote, May would go back to the EU and renegotiate some changes to keep Parliament happy (like the bunch of fussy toddlers they are) and then allow them to vote on the amended deal. Well surprise surprise, after months of the EU telling her the deal was final and non-negotiable, she found that the EU was reluctant to re-negotiate the deal. At the time of writing, she has not managed to change her deal a jot, so it’s looking likely the deal she’ll be putting to Parliament on the 12th will be exactly the sa