Royal Baby Faux Pas While Sharks Circle May

In a relatively quiet week for news, there was a burst of activity when it was announced that the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, had gone into labour (no, not the political party – that really would be a surprise!) with her first child with her husband Prince Harry. After a revoltingly cute photoshoot with the new-born at Windsor, he was introduced to his grandparents, HM the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, and then finally the name was announced. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The name has caused some controversy - yes, it really is that slow a news week. Some praised its down-to-earth nature, or ‘middle class’ as The Telegraph termed it. The choice to only give him the one middle name is unusual for a royal, most have at least three, for example, Prince Harry is Henry Charles Albert David. Also unusual is the fact that Archie is a diminutive of Archibald, but the official name is just Archie. Royals almost always have their official names as full names, even if a diminutive is used frequently in day to day life – e.g. Harry-Henry. Harrison has a simple explanation, it comes from the root ‘Harry’s son’ which, of course, he is.

This rather modern/casual name is all part of the Sussex’s plan to try and give little Archie as ‘normal’ a childhood as possible. However, they seem to be forgetting that, although he will not be given a title just yet, he will eventually, upon the death of his father, become the Duke of Sussex. Duke Archie doesn’t quite carry the weight that one would like from a Duke, its almost verging on a character from a children’s book.