Max Porter's 'Lanny': ‘In Came the Sound of a Song, Warm on his Creaturely Breath….’

Not far from London, in an unnamed sleepy English village, Max Porter invites us to step into his dark green folk tale about a boy and an ancient tree. The titular character of this novel is ‘Lanny’ a young and imaginative, green-eyed boy painfully out of place in the insular world of the village. We see him through the eyes of fellow outsider and famous artist Peter Blythe, or as he is commonly referred to ‘mad Pete’. Accompanied by the anxious lens of ‘Lanny’s Mum,’ currently in the process of writing a particularly violent crime novel and ‘Lanny’s Dad’ a commuter caught between the finance industry and the magical imagination of his son.

This trio of intimate soliloquys are accompanied by the eerie chorus of the voices of the village community, past and present, young and old, scattered across the page in typography that wanders through the village woods alongside its speakers.