Deconstructing the Private View

The private view is a curious affair. An open invite to those in-the-know, it’s a chance for the oppressive and invisible gallery rules - ‘quiet and don’t touch’ - to relax for one evening. Drinks and snacks are laid out, and an increasingly tipsy group fills the gallery space. But like the lure of the Lotus Eaters, it’s easy to forget that you came to see the art.

Studying at the Courtauld provides every opportunity to learn about the art world and Freshers week is no exception, with a number of exhibition openings and their traditional art world christening. A PV for The ICA’s show on multi-disciplinary German collective, Honey-suckle Company, and on the same night 180 The Strand’s PV for the exhibition, TRANSFORMER: A Rebirth Of Wonder. Last but not least, Daniel Katz Gallery’s small and serious display of British artist James Pryde’s (1866-1941) paintings. Free PV drinks and then off to a Freshers event - seems like a plan.

The ICA is the first port-of-call. Honey-Suckle Company: Omnibus runs until the 12th of January, displaying the varied output of the Berlin movement, founded in 1994. Honey-suckle is derived from a plant remedy with properties that induce a greater awareness of the past, present, and future. Emerging in a reunified Berlin, on the verge of a new internet culture, the collective works with this social context as its backdrop. “A hundred years of Bauhaus and thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall,” ICA Director Stefan Kalman says the exhibition is “as timely as it is long overdue.”