The 5 Podcasts You Need to be Listening to Right Now

Brush teeth. Pack bag. Grab key. Put on the same playlist as every day and walk out the door. REWIIIIIND. Brush teeth. Pack bag. Grab key. Put on an epic podcast and skip out the door because you’re having such a great morning. Just kidding, but check out my top 5 picks at the moment.

1. Deliciously Ella

Cover of Deliciously Ella Podcast (Photo: Ella and Matthew Mills)

If you want to listen to the most soothing voice you have ever heard, this is the podcast for you. Deliciously Ella and her husband Matthew Mills tackle super topical, self-growth style issues: learning how to fail; happiness as a choice; and body acceptance. If you want a dose of positive energy, or just some direction on things which can be really tough to face alone, this is the podcast for you. Personally, I also love how educational the podcast is. Ella invites incredibly well-informed professionals to speak with her on things like sleep, nutrition and the environment, most definitely giving you some food for thought (excuse the pun).