Priscilla Part 1: Confessions of a Heartbroken Father’s Journey through Loss, Redemption and Moralit

A short story based on a Félix Vallotton painting titled Intrieur Chambre Rouge avec Femme et Enfant (1899)

Félix Vallotton, Intrieur Chambre Rouge avec Femme et Enfant, 1899 (Photo: Art Institute of Chicago)

I have lived this lie for two years, and I wonder for how much longer I can block my moral values. I am sorry dear Alfred. I am so sorry. I often pray for forgiveness for what I am doing. What I have done. I take refuge in this selfish act of love for Ariadna. I don’t expect anyone to understand the complexities of the domestic. Nor do I expect to be forgiven. But what is a man to do? How can you negate happiness, when you have all the tools to provide it? Judge me, despise me, look down upon me. I stand by my choice. A choice of lies. A choice of love.