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Horoscope predictions—March 2024

By Alexis Nanavaty and ‘The Guides’

During the Victorian Era, technology was advancing, and people turned towards the occult and spirituality to account for the rapidly changing world around them. Members of the London Theosophical Society Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater believed in achieving a deeper spiritual consciousness and first published the book Thought-Forms in 1901. The image below is one of the plates included in the book, an image in which word and colour combine to illustrate the idea that everything –objects, sounds, ideas, events– manifest as visual auras. The earth is depicted with a toned-down palette while the aura of the music by Charles Gounod, French composer, releases vibrant colours that reflect the ‘vibration’ released by the music. In this example, the art becomes a tool for teaching that expresses multiple levels of the human consciousness and makes the reader aware of all that which exists around them beyond their tangible life experience. Perhaps this image will encourage you to think about your life in new ways!

“Astral Plane” Plate from Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms, 1905. A vision of Charles Gounod’s music played by a church organ.

A quick guide to reading your predictions:

Read for your sun sign (the sign of when you were born) or your rising (for overarching themes and guidance) for the month, or both! Each can offer insight into various aspects of your life.

Pisces Season: Hi Pisces! Happy Birthday! How are you feeling? Thus far, 2024 has asked you to confront your future with determination while actively search for clarity in your life. Post Virgo Full Moon the 24th and 25th of February, you will be feeling much more energised and in alignment, ready to recognise the ways in which shifting your perspective can bring in more opportunity and feelings of well-being. This month you can expect high energy and to feel motivated by many unexpected, delightful synchronicities and experiences. Certain chapters will end for the better and exciting ones will take their place. Your career and studies soar by the end of March and encourage the positive momentum necessary to lead you into April. Everything will continue now to become even better than you could have imagined!

If your birthday is this week…

Feb.19-25: You can expect expansion of your worldview and increased impact on the power of your written words.

Feb.26-Mar.3: You can expect a lucky streak coinciding with a greater sense of well-being and balance.

Mar.4-10: You can expect to feel balanced. This week will be one where your responsibilities are lifted, and you can finally see more clearly what goals you are on track to manifest in the months ahead.

Mar.11-17: You can expect positive momentum to surround you and to see tangible results of your hard work over these last six months. The tide is finally changing in your favour! The rest of 2024 for you will be incredibly lucky and filled with ease and positive alignment with your goals.

Mar.18-24: You can expect to feel a sense of accomplishment and release of any stress that has been making you feel less than your best. There will be lots of celebration and a genuine feeling of support and love from those around you!

Some artists who have the same birthday month…

Perhaps they will offer you inspiration as you reflect on your goals for this coming year.

· Michelangelo Mar. 6, van Dyck Mar. 22, van Gogh Mar. 30

Hi Aries! During the month of March, you feel a profound sense of accomplishment as your hard work receives its deserved recognition. You can now balance these wonderful energies with thoughts about what it is you want to create next. The positive and impactful momentum you are building this month will set the trajectory for the rest of your year. You can use the energy you have in March to your advantage by setting aside some time to think about what you want to create from your 2024. This month, you can also expect there to be a focus on family and perhaps a trip – to visit your family– or to take some time away from your daily grind. With friends, you are feeling more connected and engaged than you have been in the past months and your relationships leave you feeling grounded and balanced. An overall sense of well-being surrounds you in March.

Hi Taurus! This month, you will feel an explicit sense of completion of a chapter in your life. March will be a month full of encouragement and there will be ample time for reflection and rest after the demanding work you have accomplished in January and February. You will be spending much more time outside connecting with nature and enjoying, in new ways, the experiences that daily life can offer you. In career or school, you take a step away from intense focus on your studies or deadlines, and instead, focus on re-centring yourself. In social relationships, you feel much more comfortable discussing and engaging with different people and friend groups. In relationships, you are ready to push yourself into new frontiers, chapters, or levels of commitment.

Hi Gemini! This month you are unstoppable! Your creative mind is at max speed, and you are flying through your work with an incredible sense of inspiration and passion. You can expect to align with career opportunities this month and make new, significant, professional connections for the future. In relationships, you are feeling a bit of uncertainty but are diving head-first into new emotional experiences with the same amount of interest and passion that you have found in other areas of your life. In your social life, new opportunities appear for engaging with new networks of people. There is an emphasis on March as a time in which you are exploring new types of ‘entertainment’ and ways of being in this life.

Hi Cancer! This month you can expect to find a greater balance between your daily life and the self-care you need. March will be a wonderful time for a refresh and rejuvenation of your desires and passions. As you return to your regularly scheduled programming at the end of the month, you will feel a new sense of clarity and have obtained a fresh perspective on life that uplifts and inspires you further into the new chapter that April brings. In your career, clarity and being direct leads you further towards that opportunity you are looking to obtain. In friendships, you feel balanced and see very clearly your expanding network of supporters. Your voice and speaking your ‘truth’ will have a substantial impact on the momentum you create to move forward towards your goals in April. You got this Cancer!

Hi Leo! This month, you will expand your horizons and become more open to new experiences. Your typical passionate and well-spoken personality propels you forward within social circles and contributes to a reinvention of your identity that continues until May. These are positive changes aligned with you deciding what you want to add or change in your life to feel more authentically like ‘you’! In career or your studies, you can expect to find your typical flow and clarity by mid-March, as any current uncertainties are playing out to help you grow. Something for you to remember Leo: self-care always helps you perform better and is an entirely safe practice for everyone!

Hi Virgo! This month, an expansion of personal boundaries is coupled with a desire to speak your truth. Showing up to all situations as your authentic self will inspire others to do the same and will yield positive results in relationships with others. March will be a time for you to connect with yourself and your emotional side in a way never experienced. It offers wonderful opportunities to engage with friends, family, and life in new ways. In career or studies, you feel a new sense of inspiration and motivation towards a certain task and in social circles are feeling a new sense of invigorated joy to be around those for whom you care deeply.

Hi Libra! This month, you are feeling like a social butterfly, having recently had a boost in confidence. You are meeting new people, engaging with new ways of life, and discovering new hobbies to explore. The previous focus on your work or projects will shift as tasks become easier for you to complete and you focus your attention on experiences outside of the classroom. Nurturing your creative genius will manifest new projects and successful ventures in the following months. In addition to new social experiences, you are finding balance in personal and professional relationships, and this month will be especially auspicious for networking and signing contracts. Lots of good momentum will follow you into April if you lean into the energies that are guiding your life now.

Hi Scorpio! This month, you will experience a wave of abundance in your life. This could manifest as increased finances or as a scholarship, in lessons or language learning, or through new people who radically change your perspective on the world. As it stands, you have been holding onto your surroundings very tightly these last few months, uncertain about specific family matters and of rapid change taking you away from your comfortable lifestyle. Do not worry, everything is shifting in a positive direction that will align you with your new world view full of excitement, expansion, travelling, and transformation. In social circles, you will feel introspective but open to filling up your social calendar. In career or studies, you feel grounded, and the path forward becomes clear and has significant momentum guiding it forward.

Hi Sagittarius! This month, innovative ideas flow to you easily. There is great momentum around any activities that require use of your hands i.e., writing, music, or painting. Your creativity will have you feeling inspired to take action and change circumstances around you and encourage you to speak your truth about anything you want to enhance or remove from your life. Trust these impulses and take them as they come. You are experiencing a lot of self-transformation and growth that brings you full circle back into balance with who it is you are becoming. This process, beginning in March, will finish at the end of April, while May brings the new chapter you have been waiting to manifest. For now, trust yourself and your desire to enhance your life in new ways! In social circles, you are feeling engaged and are ready to take chances.

In your career or studies, you feel grounded and motivated, clearly seeing the path ahead.

Hi Capricorn! This month, you will experience a lot of expansion in regard to receiving clarity about how you want to see your life move forward. You have been uncertain as of January due to your shifting outlooks and consistent exploration of diverse ways of life and being. This could also be related to a family event that took place during this period. In March, a focus on well-being will help you emerge with a greater sense of balance that allows you to follow the path of least resistance forward. You are already doing so well and can continue to encourage this process by focusing on supporting your mental health. You are taking time away from social events to focus on you and self-care. In career or studies, you are working hard to acquire new skills and achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Way to go Capricorn!

Hi Aquarius! This month, you will feel very expressive in ways that allow you to dig deeply into your emotional state. Examples of this can include writing in a daily journal about the progress of each day or how you want to feel about a certain situation. By the end of the first week of March, you emerge from your time of self-reflection and integrate back into your social life with ease. You will find many gifts from the universe this month, in the form of financial gifts, advice, support or friendship. In your career or studies, you are feeling aligned and trusting that all will play out in your favour. You are well on your way and can fully trust the path forward.

That’s all for now, see you next month.

-Lexi and ‘The Guides’


A few explanatory notes from the author-

*These predictions are based on channelled guidance from Lexi’s guidance system, ‘The Guides,’ with certain astrological considerations

*Channelling is a practice wherein guidance is received and automatically transferred to the page and, therefore, not based explicitly on astrological charts. As Lexi is intuitive, she has access to a range of guidance systems and divine knowledge for you.

*Intended primarily for entertainment purposes.

Bibliography for further reading (on Introductory paragraph):

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