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Horoscope predictions—November 2023

By Alexis Nanavaty and ‘The Guides’

During the Renaissance, astrology was a course taken by many university-educated individuals, some of whom would later become professional astrologers. Astrology as a concept for an Early Modern society has been explored extensively in Chapter five, “Astrology and Society,” in A Companion to Astrology in the Renaissance, Dooley and Eamon, 2014. Widely circulated astrological texts of the Medieval period were translated from the Arabic language. The rediscovery of texts from antiquity offered a Renaissance audience a wider corpus of texts on this subject. The power given to reading the planets and nature when foretelling the future perpetuated a great fear well in advance of February 1524 when a specific conjunction of planets in the sign of Pisces was predicated to end the world. Though this conjunction never caused any great storm, this moment highlights astrology as a prominent element of the Early Modern social landscape. The use of astrology to provide guidance continues to be a legitimate form of spiritual connection amongst believers.

Harness the power of the planets and see below what the ‘stars’ have in store for you this month!

Albumasar De magnis coniunctionibus et annorum revolutionibus ac eorum profectionibus octo continens tractatus, an astronomical treatise written by Albumasar and translated from Arabic by Joannes Hispalenis, published by Melchior Sessa, Venice 1515, woodcut and letterpress on paper, 200mm x 148mm, /The Trustees of the British Museum

A quick guide to reading your predictions:

Read for your sun sign (the sign of when you were born) or your rising (for overarching themes and guidance) for the month, or both! Each can offer insight into different aspects of your life.

Scorpio Season:

Happy Birthday Scorpios! It's time to celebrate. You will be in an exceptional mood this month. Each day you feel happier and more motivated to accomplish daily tasks and devote time to your friendships. You will start receiving validation for your hard work and this, in turn, will relieve some pressure that you have placed on yourself, making more time for rest and replenishment. This month prepares you for a transformation that focuses on finding your passions and communicating them clearly to those around you. December brings many positive experiences aligning with making your manifestations a reality! It is amazing that you are now holding greater space for yourself within the world around you. Beginning this month are many days full of joy and excitement as you work towards achieving your goals.

Oct. 23-29: If your birthday is this week, expect a few unexpected ‘challenges.’ At the base of each difficult moment is a playful and constructive solution. It will be up to you to move into this week with the necessary confidence and strength and then emerge with a greater sense of purpose.

Oct. 30-Nov. 5: If your birthday is this week, you will be feeling like a social butterfly! Get ready for a plethora of new experiences that connect you with new social groups and offer a new perspective on your life.

Nov. 6-12: If your birthday is this week, you will take some dedicated time to recharge and refresh. This is preparing you for all the celebrations to take place at the end of the month!

Nov. 13-19: If your birthday is this week, travel might be on the horizon. Is there a trip you’ve been planning or something you’ve wanted to explore? You’re headed out this week to learn more about you, have new experiences and learn about new ways of living. Time to hit reset!

Nov. 20-21: If your birthday is this week, you will be feeling magnetic! New opportunities will find you—and fortune will be on your side. Now is the time to bring people together through your creative ideas and a moment to trust yourself wholeheartedly.

Nov. 22-30: As your birthday falls in Sagittarius, you share cusp energy with Scorpio. Therefore, this week you will be feeling a mix of energies. Some of it will be indecisiveness, but also determination and ambition to work hard and accomplish your tasks—trust yourself and your intuition, you know yourself best! By the end of the week a burst of renewed energy will find you. Take some time to process emotions brought about through information revealed by a strong presence in your life. Be sure to check for more detailed predictions in next month’s article!

Some artists who have the same birthday month…

Perhaps they will offer you inspiration as you reflect on your goals for this coming year.

- William Hogarth Nov. 10, 1697, Claude Monet Nov. 14, 1840


Hi Sagittarius! Your decision-making this month will help you discern your values and boundaries. The constant decisions of this month will allow you to trust yourself more. As such, you are attracting more joy and aligned people into your life. This month, you are finding ways to encourage growth and achieve more clarity, literally through decision making. Friendships strengthen this month while larger social circles continue to ‘redefine’ themselves. There is an emphasis this month on aligning with career/work goals that are both empowering and self-defining. Simultaneously, expect lots of restorative sleep ahead. Make sure to drink lots of water!


Hi Capricorn! You are clear and definitive this month. Therefore, there will be no misinterpretations of your true intentions. You are focused on shaping your 2024 and incorporating more freedom for self-expression into your life. At the same time, you are using your voice and your actions—holding space for yourself, standing your ground— to inspire others. Some of you have already gone through this transformative process in August and September so you will feel more grounding without much disruption to your daily life. To support your next steps, I would suggest that you spend time organising your thoughts and writing down your goals for the new year. Enhanced organisation will help you clarify all the creative thoughts flowing from you. 2024 will be a great year for all Capricorns because they will experience great joy, exciting and expansive activities, and a higher quality of life. This month, friendships develop stronger bonds, and an external project requires you to dig into your creative side to align with your true passions.


Hi Aquarius! You are feeling ready to expand your horizons. In last month’s predictions, you were offered a similar message. This month is when you see moments to engage in new activities and shift your perspective on the world. Expect new opportunities for the long term that will support a redefining of your daily life and incorporate more joy. In November, you will uncover your deepest friendships. Simultaneously, you are excelling in your school/work related ventures and find time to discover a new hobby or passion. Your only action step? Allow the flow of life more explicitly into your world.


Hi Pisces! This month, you are moving past something that has felt like a barrier towards your upward mobility. You are also moving beyond a cycle that has felt ‘rocky’ or uncertain and are heading towards the smooth sailing that lies ahead. It is now time to sit down and determine the next goals you would like to achieve. Be sure to take time for rest and restoration as these next few months become very busy with exciting new projects and opportunities. Everything you’re asking for is on its way (and more)! For some a transformative period and for others, a leap forward into the exciting unknown. As a result, you will be feeling more expansive and confident, clearly conveying your passions to the world. In life and career, you feel more balanced and creative. You are becoming the ultimate manifester—all you need to do is speak it into existence for it to be yours.


Hi Aries! You have done a lot of work to get where you are now in your life. Everything is starting to come together, and you are feeling more balanced emotionally—especially when compared to how you were feeling this time last year. Friendships this month will blossom, and your social battery significantly increases. You will experience many lesson-learning moments that will motivate you to create a new story, one where you expand your leadership skills, further articulate your ideas, and discover your inner strength. By the end of this month, you will feel much more in tune with yourself!


Hi Taurus! This month, you are in the middle of completing a very involved project. You will also have a sensitivity to colder weather—be sure to take the needed rest you deserve. This month will be particularly useful to you as you regain a sense of balance in your life. You have been very extroverted these past few months which has been very nourishing for your soul. However, now, to replenish, you will benefit most from self-care and time at home. The next two months will be harbingers of restorative energy for you. In this time, you will have an opportunity to focus on more clearly articulating your passions and developing any ideas associated with them. After this period, you arise as a more effective manifester who speaks their desires into existence. Rest will help you regain balance in your life, so you are prepared for all the amazing things to come! Your career/work progresses forward at the beginning of November, and you will start to see signs of how your life will look in 2024.


Hi Gemini! A new chapter is beginning for you. Now you are feeling more motivated, outspoken, and excited to explore your passions. This month, you can expect to continue navigating through day-to-day conflict, but will also find more clarity around conflict resolution and become inspired by those around you. By December, the conflict will end and provide space for creative energy to appear. You are feeling extremely social this month. Expect to be leading an event with friends and continuing to expand your social and professional networks. Enjoy your journey of life!


Hi Cancer! This month will be very healing for you. During November, you will be processing the many changes that have occurred in the last six months/year and, by the end, will be feeling ready to move forward and redefine yourself and your boundaries. By the middle of this month, you feel more motivated and are prepared to celebrate the end of your long-term transformation. You deserve this time to refresh. Another theme for you this month is determining a healthy work-life balance when a new ‘career bolstering’ opportunity finds you this month. A wonderful moment to feel in control with new responsibility. Continue writing your monthly lists and trusting you can handle everything you are now experiencing. Lean into the upcoming new experiences to learn more about yourself. Friendships and many social events this month will have you feeling more authentically like ‘you.’


Hi Leo! You have been very outspoken lately and this has been well received by those around you. At the same time, you have been aligning yourself with the credit you deserve, and the clarity needed to ‘shape your life.’ By the middle of the month, you are taking a step back and observing the world around you with a broader perspective in mind. There is time to take account of your friendships and family relationships and prepare for growth in this area. Early 2024 calls for you to feel a deeper connection to your world and the people in it, ultimately combining your voice and your emotional awareness into new inspiring ideas. New social circles will take precedence this month, offering you new lessons and experiences from which to benefit. There is a focus on learning here that pulls your main focus away from your career/work until after the holidays. Next year sees you feeling confident, motivated, and prepped for success.


Hi Virgo! You have many accomplishments (or recognitions for past ones) coming your way. Your daily responsibilities shift, and you find more free time to focus on personal projects. Life will continue to move smoothly as 2023 ends and will provide opportunities for reflection on all you have successfully accomplished this year. You have a positive momentum following you that calls exciting new opportunities to you. This magnetic energy will expand to your friend groups and support navigating any conflict that arises during the holidays. This month also offers moments to discover more about yourself and the world around you that leaves you feeling more aligned and balanced. It will be helpful to get out into nature to recharge all this positive energy!


Hi Libra! You are coming off your birthday month and slipping back into the rhythm of everyday life. Things are flowing beautifully because you’ve harnessed your birthday month energy into what will be a successful and lesson-filled November. Some of you may be feeling that your birthday was not everything you had hoped or expected it would be. You will get a redo of these celebrations before the year is out. There will also be great clarity for you this month around something that has been cloudy or uncertain for a while. Meanwhile, new talents will be discovered and excitement around the holidays will bring more joy your way. You will also form a new bond with a family member! In your job/career you can expect a bit of the same as last month, but new solutions towards conflict resolution that make new opportunities more fun!

That’s all for now, see you next month.

-Lexi and ‘The Guides’


A few explanatory notes from the author-

*These predictions are based on channelled guidance from Lexi’s guidance system, ‘The Guides,’ with certain astrological considerations

*Channelling is a practice wherein guidance is received and automatically transferred to the page and, therefore, not based explicitly on astrological charts. As Lexi is an intuitive, she has access to a range of guidance systems and divine knowledge for you.

*Intended primarily for entertainment purposes.


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