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Horoscope predictions - October 2023

By Alexis Nanavaty and ‘The Guides’

When used as a visual language, astrology can afford power to its patron. Augustus, the Roman emperor from 27 BC until his death in AD 14, constructs an imperial iconographic program through symbolism of his birth sign, Capricorn, that illustrates the value of horoscopes in predicting life events. Simultaneously through this process, he highlights his ‘individual power’ and legitimacy to the empire (Tamsyn S. Barton 1994, 38.)

Channel your own inner power this month by reading your predictions below!

A quick guide to reading your predictions:

Read for your sun sign (the sign of when you were born) or your rising (for overarching themes and guidance) for the month, or both! Each can offer insight into different aspects of your life.

Coin. Head of Augustus Capricorn right, holding globe attached to rudder and bearing cornucopia, 27 BC, silver, Die-axis: 6 o’clock weight, 2.82 grammes, / The Trustees of the British Museum


Happy Birthday month Libra! It is your time to celebrate. It has been a long year for you. You are meant to enjoy your festivities and then get right back to work. There are still things to be finished, stay determined and the outcome you are hoping for will find you. Your guidance this month is to explore new approaches to get what you want while understanding that it now may manifest under different (and more aligned) criteria than you originally expected. In this case, the lesson is that it's all about the journey, the experience, and the lessons you learn rather than the outcome. Do not worry though, this process of trials and experimentation will be over by December, so stick it out and trust you are finding the best way forward. Lots of new professional and networking opportunities/relationships are on the horizon; you are cultivating the path forward in each and every moment!

Oct. 1-8: If your birthday is this week, expect some ‘magical moments,’ unexpected surprises, and… a surprise party planned by your friends?

Oct. 9-15: If your birthday is this week, expect to feel a bit ‘disoriented.’ It is totally normal to feel a bit off every once in a while, so use your celebrations as a way to take a well-deserved break. You will be back feeling like yourself in no time!

Oct. 16-22: If your birthday is this week, you will feel relaxed and ready to pamper yourself. Maybe treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting…

Oct. 23-31: If your birthday is this week, you can expect clarity to enter your life simultaneously with the end of a long ordeal/chapter of your life.

Some artists who are thought to have the same birthday month…

Perhaps they will offer you inspiration as you reflect on your goals for this coming year.

- El Greco Oct. 1, Faith Ringgold, Oct. 8, Vermeer, Oct. 31


Scorpio, the energy is speeding up just in time for your birthday season next month! October will be the perfect opportunity to focus on taking care of your body and that reoccurring tummy pain that has been bothering you. Discomfort can also manifest when someone unexpected comes back into your life. Leaning into the mystery of these events will offer you growth and greater access to that clarity you seek, meaning life will get easier. This month more broadly, you will notice your goals becoming more real and within reach, greater boundaries in your life, a shaking up of your social circle, and expanding your horizons to obtain a greater sense of your identity. What is it that you want to accomplish next? Also, a trip, that will more than likely take place in October or by December is being planned this month. It will be an exciting time and you will obtain many new perspectives on the world around you.


Sagittarius, you are feeling inspired by the new wisdom you’ve accumulated through new surroundings and new social circles this month. It’s as if you’ve completely shifted your lifestyle and viewpoint on the world. Your energy reads as refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges. As you are now equipped to accept each new opportunity coming your way, things will naturally start happening for you with very little preparatory work on your end. Your guidance is to continue ‘daydreaming’ and be excited about what you can create in these next few months that will make an impact on your life for the long term. A little housekeeping note for you: you will be more prone to minor ailments of the skin such as bruises/scrapes/sunburns/dry skin. So be on the lookout, and apply extra moisturiser as needed!


Capricorn, have you been feeling a bit creatively blocked? This month is about reconnecting your passions through discovery. By the end of this month, you will have acquired much greater clarity and definitive steps on how to move forward, how to execute that project, and will overall feel more motivated. In this moment, it is about finding direction in your life. And if you’re applying for anything right now, you have an increased chance of success.


Aquarius, think big! If you’re still working to articulate that thing you want next, that is ok! Right now, you’re meant to be pondering. Don’t take action just yet though, you want to be sure you have all the facts and consider all possible outcomes before making a decision. You will be fully equipped to make a decision by early November. For now, stay true to yourself and watch everything flow. In this period, you will also discover something new about yourself, an inner strength and wisdom. For some it will manifest as a spiritual awakening and for others, a new interest explored by joining a club, starting a new hobby, or trying a sport. I see you dabbling in new experiences and trying things a bit outside your comfort zone which will be good for expanding your networks. There is a good amount of Piscean energy (Pisces) with you now, that will serve as a helpful reminder to check in emotionally and focus on building meaningful connections for the long term, while learning new things about others and yourself.


Hi Pisces, what will you create this month? You’re in a very fluid period of your life. Things are just flowing, and your job is to clear resistance and allow the flow. How can you do this? Cultivating skills that help you relate better to what is happening around you will make you feel more in control. Some new relationships will be entering your life, and you will find inspiration from new spaces and experiences. There will be an increase of momentum next month bringing you that much closer to achieving everything you’ve been hoping to create and more.


Aries, you are motivated this month. The sun is rising on your chapter, your time to shine. Be prepared for anything—you’re ready for change, you’ve finally ‘seen the light’ and you’re ready to go. What do you want to create this month? Anything is yours—determination, focused thoughts, and a positive mindset will make your dreams that much easier to achieve. At the beginning of a long journey or project? This is the perfect time to start ‘dreaming out loud.’ Get a team together to support your collaborative interest in communication and start putting your ideas to paper to see them really come alive.


Taurus, do you feel like you have a solid grasp on the world around you? Now is the time to expand your horizons and boundaries through active learning and new experiences. Is there something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t yet? Nothing is holding you back now, go out and do it. It’s time to grow and you get to decide exactly how and in what direction. In order to create positive momentum, you have to get out of your comfort zone and become open to new possibilities, opportunities and motivation. This will give you a chance to enliven your soul and surprise yourself with all you’re capable of manifesting!


Gemini, do you know exactly what it is you want? Now is the time to find out. In a similar way to Taurus, you are being asked to expand your perspective on the world. But in your case, it is primarily emotionally. Do you feel like your relationships have been asking a lot of you? Try to see things from a more holistic viewpoint to better understand what is happening around you. There is a great emphasis this month on friendships and family. For some of you, a family member will re-enter your life. For others of you, there will be collaboration with different groups and an expanding of existing networks. In your career, your opinion holds a great weight, and its impact can be profound should you focus on relating to people in new ways during the first half of October.


Cancer, I have a homework assignment for you. Write down what it is you want to accomplish this month. It could be everything, it could be one thing. Setting up your month in an organised way before it truly begins will help you navigate more smoothly through everything you’ve been tasked to accomplish. You can handle everything on your plate with greater ease this way. You are doing great! Organising your month in the beginning will support smooth sailing till the end of October. Once you have written your list for the month, let go of any worries associated with finishing your tasks. Make sure to take some breaks for fun and refreshment too. Check back in at the end of the month and take a moment to be proud of all you’ve accomplished and then repeat this process to set yourself up for success in November. Other things to expect this month include lots of new friendships as you feel incredibly chatty and personable. From this, you will see many new avenues for new experiences. Preparing for the month will only make these opportunities more readily available to you.


Leo, slow down! You are moving rapidly and beginning to miss the bigger picture i.e., the lessons you are meant to be learning right now. Have you checked in with yourself since you did that ‘big thing?’ If not, take some time to refresh so you can again feel equipped to handle the world around you and create that next ‘big thing’ in your mind. You can’t achieve anything on zero gas. This month you will be able to accomplish more if you find balance within yourself first rather than feeling overwhelmed with no end in sight. Once you take a moment to yourself and get some rest, you will be ready to soar in more ways than you could have expected. See this brief pause for rest as offering a new and necessary perspective.


Virgo, you are on a roll this month. Many wonderful things are flowing to you. Expect some money from a new source. New job or income? You are a magnet to the people around you and all you need to say is ‘yes’ and new opportunities will find you. Next month you will be back to work, but this month, you are meant to enjoy what life brings to you. Look for ways to stay connected to your passions, i.e. what motivates you, as these thoughts will help you feel consistently happy in the long term. Beginning in November a chapter of discovery and greater creativity.

That’s all for now, see you next month.

-Lexi and ‘The Guides’


A few explanatory notes from the author-

*These predictions are based on channeled guidance from Lexi’s guidance system, ‘The Guides,’ with certain astrological considerations

*Channeling is a practice wherein guidance is received and automatically transferred to the page and, therefore, not based explicitly on astrological charts. As Lexi is an intuitive, she has access to a range of guidance systems and divine knowledge for you.

*Intended primarily for entertainment purposes.


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