Thriving in our Outrage: A Look at Harris Reed’s Graduate Collection

Illustration by Vitoria Mendes

Harris Reed may have only just finished their final year at Central Saint Martins, but the young designer is well on their way to revolutionising the fashion industry. Their ethereal, non-binary looks are becoming widely celebrated for embracing genderfluidity, and provoking discussion around self-identity and expression in the modern age. At 24, they have already dressed the likes of Solange Knowles and Florence Welch. This early success appears to be uncompromising with the release of their graduate collection in the midst of a global pandemic.

Entitled ‘Thriving in our Outrage’, the six looks were debuted on their website in mid-May in lieu of the traditional end-of-year show. The collection pays flamboyant homage to some of Reed’s greatest inspirations; from outlandish aristocrats to 1970’s rock and roll bands. It features towering platform boots, oversized lapels, caged petticoats, and their signature wide-brimmed, chin-strap hats which have garnered their own mass following over the past year. It is certainly an outlandish feast for lockdown eyes.