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Daedalus Aloft Despite.

By Carys Maloney

I am a Poet I am not

A sculptor. I let life mould me

That which gave me form

In the first place. Open! Open!

Open! Disregard the self and see

How wide life can be. There is nothing

In the way there is nothing

To be feared. Get with your body

Sink down in your heart place, rest.

Sleep a waking reverie. Know the passing

Of wind under wings bound for the sun,

A world untainted by interpretation.


Love is the root of all form love

Cannot be killed. Love can only be

Given back to itself, with greater intensity

Than before, singing of certitude

And corporeal adventure. Let love

Leak down your cheeks. Carry each loss

In your heart. Live as the one you grieve for.

Antonio Tempesta, Daedalus and Icarus, 1606. Wikimedia Commons.


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