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The Book of Mormon: Ringing Doorbells and Knocking on Doors

Hello! My Name is Elder Price And I would like to share with you The most amazing book […] This book will change your life! This book will change your life! […] The book of Mormon! The song “Hello!” starts the London production of The Book of Mormon, currently playing at the Prince of Wales Theatre, with a short lived bang. Written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the hit Broadway comedy displays racial and religious stereotypes. The problematic characterisation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Ugandan people becomes a prominent feature in the storyline about two Mormon boys on their mission. The mission is a two year endeavour partaken by young adults

Find Me: A Book Review

Find Me by André Aciman, 2019 (Cover: Farrar, Straus and Giroux) I love love. Before I set about expressing my unversed and uneducated literary opinion on André Aciman’s hotly anticipated Find Me, the sequel to the internationally beloved romance Call Me By Your Name, I think it should be well established that I am perhaps the most hopeless romantic I know. I could read and re-read A Room with a View until the pages fall apart. Despite all this, and as much as I adored Luca Guadagnino’s beautifully heart-shattering screen adaptation of Aciman’s breakout novel, as soon as I picked up its sequel, I wanted to put it down. On a train between Florence and Rome, our first encounter with either of

Sustainability on the Runway: Men's London Fashion Week 

Just a week into the new year and the tone had already been set; the calls for a more sustainable way of living were being heralded loud and clear. These were demands that did not go unanswered as designers gathered in the East End of the nation’s capital to showcase their vision of an eco-conscious wardrobe in what was to be the fashion week to open the decade (January 4, 2020 - January 6, 2020). ​ The first day of the event commenced with an apocalypse-ready collection from Paria Farzaneh. As the designer herself stated, the changing climate has resulted in the necessity for ‘windproof, waterproof, heat-sensitive, [and] environmentally sensitive’ clothing. With an army of earthy-toned anor

An Interview with Elisa de Wyngaert, MoMu Fashion Curator

"People make chapters in their lives and then organize it as a narrative" Elisa De Wyngaert is a fashion curator at MoMu, the fashion museum of Antwerp, and a graduate of the Courtauld MA Documenting Fashion. Before curating, she contributed exhibition reviews to the Belgian radio, wrote exhibition and runway reviews, and worked for independent fashion houses in Antwerp. I spoke to her about her path into the industry and the ways she approaches her subject. Wiesi Will, 'Air Dancers, 2018, Part of Soft? Tactile Dialogues MoMu Exhibition from September 28, 2018 - February 24, 2019 (Image: MoMu) THEA: How did you start getting interested in fashion history? ELISA: During my bachelor's, I had a

Troy at the British Museum: Myth and Reality

People will always tell stories. It is an obsessive, compulsive, comforting act. I was most recently reminded of this fact at the current British museum exhibition ‘Troy: Myth and Reality.’ The museum was brimming with classics students vying for the best pronunciation of Greek words, loudly talking over each other to quote their favourite passages and explain the story being depicted (despite the clear labels next to every object.) Elsewhere in the exhibition, a whole room was dedicated to adaptations of the myths, from Dryden and Shakespeare to Brad Pitt in ‘Troy.’ Through both the contents of the exhibition and overhearing snippets of visitor’s conversations it was clear to me: the need t

Art and the Rural: Is there a way for arts and culture to break out of the city?

Illustration by Himarni Brownsword Away from the buzzing activity of bigger metropolitan centres, artists often find their greatest inspiration, and yet there is a deficit in arts cultivated in those peripheral locations. With Brexit supposedly giving the non-metropolitan a voice, will a new political and social landscape extend to the arts? ​ The UK City of Culture scheme is an initiative that bolsters the cultural status of a UK town for a period of a year. The most recent holder of the award was Hull in 2017, where the BBC reported that by early 2018 there were five million visitors, £220 million of investment and 800 new jobs. The next city to take up the mantle is Coventry in 2021. For

London, A Love Letter

A short story based on Lucian Freud's Two Irishmen in W11 (1984) Photo by Aniela Rybak Dear London, I love you. We’ve been through a lot together. You brought me both happiness and sadness. I have never known anyone as inspiring as you. Our relationship started with my first visit at the age of 9 when, as my Mom likes to point out, I claimed that you were the only city I could imagine myself living in. Where did my fascination come from? Was it because you are so different from Warsaw, my hometown? Was it the intensive pace of life? I’m not sure, the only thing I remember is the determination to come back. Before making the decision to move, I visited you numerous times. Both as part of orga

A Decade of Fashion: Clothing Trends from the Last 10 Years

With the passing of another decade, it seems to be the ideal time to reflect upon some of the most influential fashion statements of the last ten years. From statement sleeves to luxury leisurewear, this list shall dissect three of the biggest trends of the Tweenies. Illustration by Vitoria Mendes The Dad Trainer For an era defined by its fast-moving nature, it came as no surprise that the trainer was picked out as an essential item for the wardrobe. The demands of modern life could simply no longer be kept up with a pair of stilettos. As the years progressed, however, these items of footwear seem to have been taken to the extreme with the invention of the ‘dad trainer’. The uglier the bette

Gettin' There: Chapter Three

What the Food Illustration by Izzy White There exists one thing that the French enjoy slightly more than complaining about the Brits, and that is complaining about British food. Come to think of it, remove British from the equation and you’ll still get the French talking about food. If we’re sitting at lunch, we’ll probably spend a good while wondering what it is we will be having for dinner and going on about how Jean-Paul’s blanquette de veau really could use some salt. However, Christmas and specifically Christmas meals have the particularity of uniting many nations together. Indeed, racist uncles and embarrassing childhood stories blurted out by an eager older brother are, unfortunately

Overheard at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey’s walls have been standing for centuries, picking up the gossip of lowly peasants, kings, all the cool boyos, and even some art history students. Let us take a journey through time…e cool boyos, and even some art history students. Let us take a journey through time… Illustration by Grace Han DECEMBER 12, 1262: Construction of Westminster Abbey has almost finished...or has it? WHAM BANG BANG BANG CLANG BOOOOOOM ‘Whoopsie daisy…’ JUNE 16, 1305: A day in the life of Father Anselm, the first influencer. ‘Good morning Father Anselm.’ ‘Morning Bernard, what do you think of my new sandals?’ ‘Um they are lovely Father, very… pious?’ ‘Yes indeed Bernard I think the Lord would have l

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